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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Weddings and its affairs

Assalamualaikum and Hello people. After a thorough thinking, which took about 1 minute (maybe less), I decided to start blogging about my wedding - daily routines, tips, flaws, difficulties and so on... so that at least I have some sort of reading/history to look up to in the future.

I am sure many of you found this blog through your google search. I'm glad that you did. My intention is to help those who are in the shadows on what to do, where to start and what to expect when it comes to getting married / tying the knot / berkahwin / nikah / all about weddings in Malaysia.

This blog is specially for the reception in KL. I'm not worried about the one in Kedah cause everything is sorted there, thanks to my wonderful and supportive parents. It's just the one in KL, since Danil and I are doing this on our own.

To future brides and grooms out there, may this blog give you some highlights on weddings. Feel free to contact me, if you need more help or tips or if you'd like to suggest something for me. Plus, it saves you lots of money and time! Love, Lisa

Pic- Wedding reception in KL with my family

Nowadays, my husband and I are doing freelance of designing and printing of wedding cards, signages, buntings, posters and t-shirts. Click on my link ( lisa's printing biz) or visit for pictures and pricelist ok! Below are samples of buntings that we did :

YM and MSN - lisajoehari

===== the story begins =====

Date of us hooked up, formally heheh = 19th August 2004
Date of engagement = 19th April 2005
Date of Akad Nikah = 19th November 2005 + Kedah's reception (Sat)

Date of KL Reception = 26th November 2005 (Sat)

It is quite a short notice for a wedding reception, specially for Danil as he needs to work harder and save more money. We got engaged in April so he only has like 6 months to come up with such dough as he doesn't want his mum to have such stress, specially in the financial department. So, we came up with a shared reception. I mean, my side will pay for the guests that we invited to KL reception since there is no use to invite people who do not live near Alor Setar to come to the wedding there. Might as well chip in here in KL. At least people can assure us that they can come. We are satisfied, they are satisfied.

OK Let's dish it out. Money money money.
How Much Does It Cost in Kedah? (To cater for 1000 guests)
1) Invitation Card + posting RM450
2) Catering - food, tables, chairs, canopies, bridal food RM6 p/p RM6000
3) Bridal Room Deco - curtains, bedsheets, flowers RM2000
4) Flower Arch and Pelamin RM400
5) Bridal Make up RM350
6) Bridal Costumes - nikah and sanding, tailor-made RM1000
7) Hantaran - 7 dulang - all items approximate value RM2000
8) Bunga Telur - bertandang, VIPs and guests RM2000
9) Miscellaneous - strings, glues, extra this and that RM1000
10) Photography RM350
TOTAL = RM13,750

How Much Does It Cost in KL? (To cater for 800 guests)
1) Invitation Card + posting RM450

2) Catering - food, tables, chairs, bridal food RM15 p/p RM12000

3) Hall rental RM1500
4) Flower Arch and Pelamin RM1000
5) Bridal Make up + bride and groom prep RM1700

6) Bunga Telur - bertandang, VIPs and guests RM2000
7) Entertainment - PA system + live music RM450
8) Miscellaneous - strings, glues, signage,extra this and that RM1000
9) Photography RM350
10) Studio photography RM1000
TOTAL = RM21,450

ok here's the details
Wanna know how much it cost if you do it in the hotel? From RM40 - RM100 per person, depending on the hotel. The cheapest would be Hotel Singgahsana, PJ and Century Paradise (RM38 per person). The most expensive is Marriott and Mandarin Oriental - RM99 per person. So imagine if you are inviting more than 500 guests... so start saving if you really want your dream wedding.
Nonetheless, if you are wealthy, please disregard this blog. This is a budget-type wedding info for those who are not as fortunate as the ones who can afford a hotel wedding. thehehe

This blog is certainly a reminder for myself on the things that we both are striving to achieve in order to have our own version of a dream - to be able to grow old together and also to be able to live debt-free for life! We both are trying to make this reception as warm, sweet and unforgetable as ever too. Insyaallah...

1) Wedding Invitation Card

We marched everywhere looking for a nice, yet cheap design but alas!!!!! everything is expensive in KL. We could decide on the shiny, perfumed card but its kinda errrmmm ugly cause it has terrible permanent designs on it. We went everywhere - Bgn MARA, Semua House, T.A.R but still rather expensive for even a small card. Note this -People do not keep invitation cards. So, why waste a lot of money on it.

So, I went back to Kedah for a weekend and my mum and I went to Padang Besar (Thai border)- its only a 40-mins drive. We bought 700 cards costing RM0.65 each. Then i brought it back to KL and gave it to a friend for printing. The similar card - quality and size-wise costs RM2 here, and that excluding hot stamping and in lays. Total cost: RM640 (cards, envelopes, hot stamping,printing, in-lays) for 800 cards (RM0.80 each) for a A5 card - A4/2. A separate Thank You note with hot stamping = RM250 for 1000 pieces, 1/2 of a normal business card size.

2) Hall
Since Danil's area (small roads+hilly) is not condusive at all, we decided to do it at Dewan MPAJ, Pandan Indah. It's only 5 minutes ride from Danil's.
Advantages: 1)Cheap 2) Fully a/c 3)Ample parking 4) 800-one time seating capasity. Cost: RM1000 (from 12pm.-12a.m) + RM500 Deposit
I do have other ideas on wedding venues if you need my help hehe...

3) Wedding Outfits
Alhamdulillah I am pretty lucky that I dont have to rent outfits. Usually people will take the whole wedding package, i.e - Baju Songket / Lace, make-up, accessories, pelamin etc etc. For KL, my colleague, Kerry has loaned her superbly nice and glamorous Baju Kebaya. She had it done at Man Kajang (oh! la! la!). Its a lite green Lace Baju Kebaya, with matching corset and sarong made from Songket. and oh! with matching songket shoes. Surely some of you are wondering how much it cost.. RM1800. hmmm... ponder ponder...

Nonetheless, its so beautifully done, decorated with glittering beads. I love it! Thank god it fits me perfectly! Ah well, I told her that I'm quite interested in being a wedding planner so she said that I can use her baju for rental in the future.. hehe... Anyway she's not gonna use it anymore cause she cant fit into it and plus, its not gonna be suitable for any function, except for the Oscars haha! Her advice to people - if possible, do not make your own baju, although it is so damn tempting to do so.. Yela.. sekali seumur hidup kinda thing. But... trust her, somehow or rather u gonna end up regretting it cause it's gonna allow more spiders to build up their webs there.

For my reception in Kedah, one of my cousins bought me a nice beige french lace and she is kind enough to sponsor for everything. I told her its not necessary cause I can just rent the baju but she insisted on it. Ok lah! I can use this baju for rental also hehe... And I can wear it after this cause its not so glittery and glamourish that much.

For the akad Nikah, my mum bought a nice white satin, with simple beading. Just a simple white Baju Kurung that can be used later on.

4) Photographer
I am so lucky that I have a professional photographer friend who is giving me like the cheapest rate ever! He usually charges like RM1500 per reception and that includes - 250 photos 5R in a nice album, complete with write ups , 4 8R Posters, and a CD of all the photos. But for me, he only charges RM350 for each reception, tho he had to drive all the way to Kedah. And he is pretty good too since all his equiptments cost more than RM40k. Check out his talents in my fotopages. Pictures arent bright cause its a scanned version as I couldnt find the CD when I wanted to upload my wedding photos.

Nonetheless, I have few more friends who are doing wedding photography and their rates are pretty affordable, from RM800 - RM2500 (printing, image re-touching, album and so on, including customised album (the one that looks like a book hehe). If you are looking for one, do let me know ok.

5) Make-up
Usually people will take the full package like baju n pelamin and make up.. but then since i have my own baju and when i asked around for packages without the baju, its only 200-300 difference so its not really worth it. The cheapest package for 2 costumes + 2 makeup + pemain is RM1800.
ALhamdulillah a friend of mine , Sam, decided to sponsor me like half of the total cost. So he asked me who i want to be my make-up artists. I called quite a few and blimey! Its between RM650 - RM1500
Names like Saidatulnisa, Nurul Shukor, Mona Rafar, Sue Hamid, Kay Adzman, Zulfazli, Anis, Hathim Thai, Ema Amir, Razlan Bahari and so on. I was thinking, since Sam is willing to sponsor half, doesnt matter what the cost gonna be (hellyea hes wealthy alrite haha), might as well i get someone that I know I will be satisfied.
So.. I chose Nurul Shukor since Mona Rafar is unavailable on that date. Saidatulnisa pulak jual mahal, tryin to hint that she only serves VIPs. So ok la... I have always wanted Nurul Syukor to be my makeup artist, eversince I saw the magic and miracle that she did to my friend, Awa couple of years ago. Awa looked like a princess and she was sooo damn gorgeous and beautiful that night. Anyhow, the makeup artist is Nurul Syukor and its a whoopingRM1300. Personally, I wont be able to afford that, just for a session. I'd take Razlan Bahari as he charges RM500 only. But I'm glad that I appointed Nurul Shukor. Had to say that I looked totally awesome that night.
6) Catering
Well I decided on Zarinah's Catering Jalan Ipoh. Well, after all the hoo-hahs and what not, it turned out to be somehow or rather, not a good choice. So people, if you still have time, please find the ones that are reccommended by people. I can reccommend you some good caterers. I have been appointing Uncle Buang for my kenduri kesyukuran and also my wedding anniversaries and i think he is the best cook ever! He has done a few catering jobs for my friends and so far the feedback is excellent! His Nasi Beryani is to die for! You just need to e-mail me if you need my help.
7) Hantaran
Seriously, just dont bother about WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO SEE. Just buy WHATS NECESSARY and things that YOU ARE GOING TO USE. Just dont waste your money in trying to impress others. Just what you need. Remember, you are going to live in a totally different world after you get married and there will be added expenses and so on. So, just be prepared, mentally and financially.
We bought hantaran monthly - so this month is perfumes, next month is watches, the following is shoes. Basically, just buy whats necessary, girls. Seriously, there is no use in buying a handbag that looks so damn proper like a makcik-makcik one when you will not wear it. and please la don't buy white shoes cause u aint gonna use it!

For him, I bought perfume and very nice loafers as he doesnt wear proper shoes anyway and also Sepasang kain for Baju melayu and AL-Quran. The rest are cake, sirih junjung and chocolates. For me, he bought perfume, a pair of Nine West's kitten heels that I've been craving to have since 2004 (and i'm wearing it like everyday haha), a nice watch (since i lost mine eons ago) and sepasang kain for baju alongside sirih junjung and what nots.
8) Hall Deco, pelamin and PA system
ALhamdulillah all those wandering abouts in searching for the nice, yet simple (and of course damn cheapest) pealamin and hall deco has lead us to Ampang Point, DeZainne Boutique - Level 1. At first I saw a very nice bridal outfit from the outside. I just wanted to see the beading-work.

Danil said 'no la no need to go in la, its a boutique for God's sake it wont have what we wanted la'. Bein so stubborn as usual, I walked in and the owner himself entertained us. To our suprise, their wedding packages are pretty affordable! Unbelieveable! For the pelamin and hall deco- with flower arch for hall is only RM1k. Other places what I been to - bridal boutiques in Pandan Indah, Bangunan Mara, Semua House, Mamanda Areas - all quoting RM2000 ++ for pelamin only, hall reception. Plus, the pelamin guy, Abg Wan is such a nice and punctual person!
For PA system, my dad's friend introduced us to Pak Wan. He is a multi-talented musician. He can play Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Sax and Violin. Pa system + His beautiful music only costs RM450 (Discounted price) . Great! When we walked in, he played Gamelan from his keyboard. During makan, he played violin. Awesome! Thank you Pak Wan.. Most people would opt for traditional wedding songs la dangdut and what not. I wanted the music to be simple yet memorable. Alhamdulillah, until now people still refer to my wedding as the one with nice music.

All in all, it was a great wedding in Kedah, and a successful event in KL. Everybody seemed so happy and I am truly mesmerized by the attendance. Almost 95% of my friends came. Suprisingly, there’s only like 1 table empty. Pheww..

To you, congratulations, Good Luck and remember to enjoy yourself ok?

Love, Lisa


Her Royal Bloody Highness said...

i'll tell u when i find my dream guy and u can start planning,darleenk(",)

Lisa Lish said...

ok sis.. i'll be waiting!

readzul0807 N TOUCH said...

hye there,

i just read ur grenish blog nie

, just wanted a little help from u as following
1. Number dewan MPAJ
2. Number/ Link to photograper
3. Number for caterer

btw visit us

Anonymous said... u still have nurul shukor's number?

could you email me at

Anonymous said...

hi, do u still have razlan phone number? could u please email it to me?

much appreciated

dytia said...

hehehe.. another blogger bride.. ur plan is sumwhat like mine.. every month buying one hantaran thing.

can i have the caterer recommendations? and the pelamin person email or phone number.. thanx

email eidrogue at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Would like to get some advice on photographers. Any idea? :) Hope u can help!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Read your blog and am extremely interested in Pak Wan, the musician. Does he play only in Kedah? My do will be in PJ. Does he travel around?

Appreciate if you could drop me a text. My number is 019 332 3432.



nawa said...

hi, im wondering do u still have razlan's phone number? would be great if u can email me at thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am dying here to get razlan bahari phone num. Could you kindly email me his num?
It mean so much to me if you cud help. Thanks!
and good luck in your marriage and business~ Nice wedding btw.

Anonymous said...

Salam lisa..
thank you so much for u blog
make me thinking more to get in preparation of my wedding..
Btw, I need ur help..
do u still keep Nurul Shukor's phone number? I really lovesss his makeup..
and if u dont mind, could u pls give me all the contact numbers of makeup artist that u were listed there? In case if he did not free while my wedding later.
I really need ur help..
pls do email me at :

THank you lisa soo much!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such themes. I love to read stories like that. Just add some pics :)

小花花 said...

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Anonymous said...

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How do you hold out the burgeoning viruses and Trojan horses, prowling in the cyberspace? There is any quantity of applications like spam, adware, spyware, malware and hackers completely ready to assault at the earliest opportunity. With no the understanding of internet end users, credit score card quantities or passwords can pass onto the mistaken palms. These security troubles want to be dealt with urgently and below are two crucial tips for you.

1. The initial action to protect your laptop or computer is to set up a excellent virus scanner and firewall. Let us face the specifics, Microsoft's firewall is just not sufficient, and so are from your ISP and modems. No modem comes with developed in antivirus software program. As a result you have to purchase and put in one particular. You can choose from a quantity of virus scanners and firewalls, but trustworthy amongst them are: Norton, AVG, McAfee, and ZoneAlarm. AVG and ZoneAlarm are free application.

2. A [url= ]Private Proxies New IP Now [/url] assists on-line stability. This server hides your IP, which is unique and unchangeable even if you want to. This IP id really should be stored mystery. If a cybercriminal accesses it, he can get your information, and use it to your detriment.

In this total method a proxy functions discreetly. When you try out to obtain a website link, the browser informs the server in normal circumstances, while a proxy server assures that it gets this information initial, and filters the data. Even if the net server tries to know your IP, it will only be accessing the IP of the proxy server. Even so, the proxy server can obtain all your information, and therefore you really should go for a proxy server which you can depend upon.

Because Proxy Servers help On the web Security., you really should know how to set up one particular. Faulty setup can guide to an unsafe proxy - for this reason meticulously follow the different steps.

one. A good and anonymous proxy is a need to. The Net has a whole great deal of paid and cost-free proxy servers. Although compensated proxies offer greater anonymity, free proxies can also be opted. You must zero in on a good Proxy Server which will support your On-line Safety.

2. Following you have picked your proxy, you need to configure your Internet browser to use it. This method is different from one particular to yet another browser. If you are utilizing Web Explorer, here is how to set up the proxy. Open Net Explorer, go to Web relationship, click on on relationship, decide on the acceptable button for LAN or dial-up link, and click the options. Permit use a proxy server, and type IP of proxy - which you should have famous on a paper, ahead of beginning to set up, followed by port in the respective fields. When you simply click on "Alright" two times, you are now getting a Proxy Server for On-line Security.

three. It is not adequate even immediately after you have finished configuring your browser. You just can't fail to remember it. If you have opted for a cost-free Proxy, it might not be functioning immediately after some time. For that reason, you must preserve an eye on the proxy, and keep protected. Use Proxy Servers for On-line Stability and it will relieve you of whole lot of anxieties.

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